Incentive programs that reward and recognize achievement, appreciation and loyalty —
And our experts will help you manage every detail!

Use online point programs to:

  • Energize Sales People and Drive Sales Results
  • Motivate and Engage Employees
  • Increase Customer Loyalty

Why are point programs so powerful?

Incentive programs work because they align personal goals and corporate goals. Online point programs are especially powerful because:

  • Managers have performance details at their fingertips and can target communications to encourage positive behavior and greater achievement.
  • Participants know exactly what is needed to earn points and “what’s in it” for them.

When program objectives are clearly defined, participants can see their performance status and shop everything available in our Rewards Mall in real-time, allowing inspiration, enthusiasm and determination to flourish.

If you want to foster a recognition culture that will lead to employee engagement, loyalty and increased performance for your organization, the CenterPoint™ Reward & Recognition solution will give you the advantage to reach these goals.

The CenterPoint™ solution is a web based rewards and recognition platform, utilizing a universal rewards “currency” of points. The platform serves as a comprehensive management tool that simplifies the administration and fulfillment of enterprise-wide and local level reward and recognition efforts. The platform includes everything necessary to manage, communicate with, train, recognize and reward program participants. Participants can redeem rewards online anytime – anywhere, 24/7.

Platform Advantages:

  • Maintain Corporate Branding Standards
    Your company and program logo are incorporated into the look and feel of the website providing brand continuity.
  • Single Solution for Multiple Programs
    Manage and operate all corporate reward and recognition initiatives in one system that’s designed to be flexible and scalable in order to meet any program needs.
  • Cost Controls, Communication and Security
    The budget tool controls overall corporate spending by business group based on your hierarchy map. The hierarchy allows for targeted communication to specific groups and determines platform access levels.
  • A User-Friendly Experience
    Simple and intuitive website for both managers and participants. Everyone has their own account and welcome page.
  • 24/7 Online Access and Program Analytics
    Program details, reporting, performance activity, rewards and redemption are always available and easy to use.
  • 1,000’s of Brand-Name Lifestyle Rewards, Travel, Event Tickets and Online Media
    Your participants can focus on rewards that are personally meaningful and choose exactly what they want.
  • Guaranteed to be Perfect!
    Your participant is always happy with their own selection. Every redemption is backed by our 100% guarantee.  If the participant isn’t happy, they may exchange their reward at no charge – no questions asked.

Why work with us?

With over 60 years in the incentive and recognition business, our knowledge of program best practices and time-tested design methodology will allow us to help you create a powerful program that works. And, you’ll be assigned a specific Program Architect that will walk you through every step of our unique “Road Map to Implementation” process.

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