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A sales manager’s primary responsibility is to drive sales revenue and profitability performance to achieve organizational objectives. Bottom-line—you need to “hit the numbers.”

Of the many tools and techniques at your disposal for achieving sales results, the sales contest is a popular and effective option. Running a sales contest not only energizes your sales force—it boosts sales and profits over a specific, usually short, period of time.

Our sales contests are FAST to implement, EASY to run, SIMPLE to Reward and, at the heart, provide a solid return of your investment (ROI). A properly designed program using our rewards will have your sales going in the upward direction in a snap!

When it comes to rewarding your sales team with the exact rewards they want, our Gift of Choice program is the perfect solution.

Here’s how it works:

1) A teaser website is built in just a few working days. The site is branded with your company name, logo, program theme, and color scheme. The site displays both the rewards available, and the program rules required to earn the rewards. Most commonly, contests are structured in performance tiers such as Tier 1, 2, and 3. At the end of the contest period, sales people will be eligible to redeem a reward from the tier they accomplished based on the published sales requirements.

2) The program is communicated and promoted for the time period you select (such as 30, 60, or 90 days).

3) At the end of the contest period, the qualifying sales people will receive a redemption code to choose their reward. The code takes them to the specific reward tier they earned. In other words, they only see one tier of gifts, nothing higher and nothing lower. Rewards are shipped for free directly to the sales person’s home. It’s that easy!

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What are the benefits of running sales contests?

Sales contests provide measurable results. The ROI is very easy to determine and the fixed, up-front costs usually average around 20% of the budget. The remaining 80% is paid only when the goals are reached. This “deferred budgeting” aspect of sales contests is consistent with the “pay for performance” approach preferred by many sales organizations.*

Sales contests improve morale. In challenging economic times, sales people face rejection and difficult sales calls every day. They need more support and reinforcement than in times of economic growth. A sales contest can act as that lever to break up their day-to-day routine and infuse the environment with something new, positive and motivating.*

Sales contests are very targeted. They tell the sales people exactly what you want them to do and what their reward will be when they do it. That is the perfect combination to drive performance. The salesperson gets reinforced for his efforts which, in turn, makes a repeat performance more likely in the future. And, as a result, the company gets data indicating which sales people are performing and which goals are being accomplished. This helps them manage their business better and leads to more educated decisions in the future.*

*Excerpts extracted with permission from Sales Contestology – 7 Step Guide to Sales Contests by Mark Repkin & Marci Reynolds.

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